WordPress Yearly Repeater Plugin

Update: This plugin is modified and created new Post Repeater Plugin which is capable of repeating the post yearly/monthly/weekly bases.

Yearly Repeater plugin is a boon when you need to repeat a single post every year on a particular day. You can achieve this by editing timestamp manually every year, but using this plugin you can automate this task. This plugin is very useful when you are blogging about historical events, famous persons etc. All the posts which needs to be repeated are listed on the top of your blog posts for that day.

Download WordPress Repeater Plugin

Version Supported

WordPress 2.1 and greater
WordPress Mu 1.1 and greater

Installation Procedure

1) Download the plugin and unzip it
2) Put the Repeater.php file into your wp-content/plugins/ directory
3) Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click “Activate” for Yearly Repeater
So easy hmmm…….

How to repeat your post?

It is even simpler than installing your plugin. Choose the post you need to repeat every year and add custom field Key = REPEATON and Value=MM/DD, press Add Custom Field button, save the post and you are done!!!. For example, if you need to repeat the post on 24th April, set the custom field Key = REPEATON and Value = 04/24. Don’t forget that you must have to put two digits for date and month.

Known Issue

If your yearly post is very latest and comes on the front page of your blog, it will be repeated. (This post will be shown as a repeating post and as a regular post)


1) I activated plugin but cannot see repeating post.
Check your wordpress version. It must be WP 2.1 or greater or WPMU 1.1 or greater. Check the custom field name and make sure that you spelled it correct. Check the custom field value is set to proper format MM/DD (with leading zero)

2) I would like to activate Sticky Post plugin as well
Don’t do that mistake. It is going to throw mysql error.

3) I got weird mysql error
This plugin changes query for showing posts. It is possible that you have another plugin which also modifies the query and hence the resultant query is a junk query which MySQL is not recognizing. so now you have to deactivate any one of the plugins.



5 responses to “WordPress Yearly Repeater Plugin”

  1. migue Avatar

    anyone know the new code for wordpress 3.7.1?

  2. Isto Avatar

    it does not work, I add

    REPEATON in costum fields and right 09/07

    But on September 7 nothing appears.

    Any idea?

  3. Dgold Avatar

    I could also use this if it was Weekly.

    I have an event every Tuesday, and I have to manually repost it each week.

  4. Jonathan Avatar

    Great idea! I’d love to use it. One question: does it make use of WP’s faux cron? If so, I won’t be able to get it working. For some reason my install of WP doesn’t do future-dated posts. Do the annual posts go into a future-dated queue, as if they’ve yet to be published? Or does the plugin alter the timestamp? How does it work, is what I’m saying.

  5. ovizii Avatar

    could you extend this plugin to allow more flexible exntensio ndates aka weekly? I would use it for a blog where I report about events in town, and i.e. if I write about a clubs weekly Retro Party every thursday this would come in handy…

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