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Sticky Post Plugin is a must have plugin in your WordPress arsenal. This plugin shows the designated post on the top of every post. There is no need to modify your current theme.

Download WordPress Sticky Post Plugin

Version Supported

WordPress 2.1 and greater
WordPress Mu 1.1 and greater

Installation Procedure

1) Download the plugin and unzip it
2) Put the StickyPost.php file into your wp-content/plugins/ directory
3) Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click “Activate” for Sticky Post
So easy hmmm…….

How to stick your post?

It is even simpler than installing your plugin. Choose the victim post to stick on the top and add custom field Key=STICKY and Value=1, press Add Custom Field button, save the post and you are done!!!.

Known Issue

If your sticky post is very latest and comes on the front page of your blog, it will be repeated. (This post will be shown as a sticky post and as a regular post)


1) I activated plugin but cannot see sticky post.
Check your WordPress version. It must be WP 2.1 or greater or WPMU 1.1 or greater. Second you check the custom field name and make sure that you spelled it correct.

2) I would like to activate Yearly/Monthly/Weekly Repeater Plugin as well
Dont do that mistake. It is going to throw mysql error.

3) I got weird mysql error
This plugin changes query for showing posts. It is possible that you have another plugin which also modifies the query and hence the resultant query is a junk query which MySQL is not recognizing. so now you have to deactivate any one of the plugins.



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  1. uthan says:

    This is nice post. I like those plugin. I have many WordPress just like Mixedsoft so i need WP Plugin.

    Thanks Visit to get free SEO Tools, Themes, WP Plugin from Mixedsoft.

  2. first resume says:

    Thanks for the plugin! Works perfectly fine for me

  3. redlex says:

    After following this tutorial, I couldn’t get a couple of things to work. The permalinks will not work with the register_post_type() and arrays outlined in a function; I simply removed this and permalinks worked fine

  4. joon says:

    Thanks Perishable for your reply and please tell me one more thing that for SEO and site speed The Old Fashioned Way way is good or i would use a plugin and please tell me how to add Notify me of follow-up comments via email again, thanks for your precious advice in advance.

  5. Frank Servais says:

    I tried sticky posts on the latest 2.9.2 WP, and it doesn’t seem to work.

    I really needed to find a workaround to the fact that the “Stick post” concept does not work when the first page of the website is static, and a different blog page is set in the “reading settings”.
    Thanks for any help