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RollingFileAppender BufferSize is not Working? Here is an Alternative

If you have used log4net for your logging need, you may have come across the bufferSize property of the appender which will allow you to buffer x number of log entries and then it will flush. It is good for logging performance. Now you want to use RollingFileAppender and bufferSize is not working at all […]

Extension Less URLs for All Web Form Pages Using 4 Lines of Code

If you have an existing asp .net Web form application and trying to use routing to convert existing URLs to extension less friendly URLs for SEO, you would find lots of samples with MVC, but none of them will give you a way to convert existing Web form pages into extension less URLs . If […]

.Net Application: How to Use Tokens

Have you come across an application or library which accepts the %token{format} input and based on token and format, the application calculates the value and uses it. You might wonder how easy it is to accept the token and format for your custom application? Here is the ready made code which helps your application define […]

Bitmap.Save() Invalid Parameter Used

In my previous post of A Generic Error Occurred in GDI+, I explained about the lock which the Bitmap object creates on the file. Now if by mistake we dispose the object before saving the image, there is no image to be saved and the error “Invalid Parameter Used” will be encountered. You can […]

Bitmap.Save(): A Generic Error Occurred in GDI+

Employee tired because of generic error occurred in GDI+

If you are trying to modify Bitmap, you may encounter the following GDI error which is very generic and does not provide any details. As the exception does not provide more details, it is very frustrating to figure out the root cause. 2 Reasons Why This Generic GDI Error Occurred GDI+ throws an error when […]

ASP .Net Datagrid Itemcommand Event is Not Fired

Check it out for event handler. It is quite possible that if you cut and paste the datagrid from one place to another, it will loose all the event handlers which were previously defined. If you think that event handler is defined correctly, check out how the datasource is bound to the datagrid. Your code […]

Parser Error Message: Access is denied: ‘Ajax’

Description: An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request. Please review the specific error details below and modify your configuration file appropriately. Solution For Access Is Denied Error There are three solutions for this error. Try it one by one. Give the user “machine_name\ASPNET” appropriate access rights on […]

ASP .NET 1.x 2.0 application switcher

I recently installed Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition. It also installed .NET framework 2.0 in my machine. When I wanted to switch to the different version, I used “ASP .NET” tab in the IIS MMC > Default Website > Properties. After few days suddenly the tab “ASP .NET” disappeared. Now there was no way I […]