Month: May 2019

  • How to pass string constants in UglifyJS as define argument

    If you need to pass the constant number or boolean values in UglifyJS –define option, it is very easy. The tricky part is passing the string constant. Here is a quick code snippet to show how to pass string constant. The correct sequence is single quote + double quote + your string + double quote…


  • How To Use UglifyJS Conditional Compilation With reduce_vars

    UglifyJS supports conditional compilation using the “–define” argument. Even though this option is good enough, it “looks” messy. The command prompt argument becomes too long and making an addition to the constant feels dreaded. Here is a quick way to use separate js file to define all your constants and use it in subsequent files.…


  • Disable SuiteCRM Email Notification

    Here is a quick way to disable SuiteCRM email notification. Please note that the following option will disable all the notifications from all the modules and not only the selective modules. This is useful when you are the only one using the CRM and don’t want to be notified. This is tested on SuiteCRM version…