Month: March 2016

  • Improve Attunity Driver Performance When Extracting Millions of Rows From Oracle

    If you are extracting data from Oracle, Attunity driver helps you extract it faster. But if you are extracting millions of rows from Oracle and you think it is slower than anticipated, here are few tips. These advanced tips will help you drastically improve the performance. Advanced Tips to Improve Performance Right click on Oracle…


  • How to Permanently Remove the Changeset From Mercurial?

    Steps Backup repository/repositories you want to modify. Enable “mq” extension. If you don’t know how to enable it, follow these steps. Open TortoiseHG Workbench Go to File > Settings > USERNAME’s Global Settings > Extensions > select “mq” > press OK button Restart TortoiseHG by closing and opening it again. Select changeset you want to…


  • How Cancelling the DTEXEC (or Any Other Executable) From Command Prompt/Automic UC4 Works

    When we start executing the SSIS package using DTEXEC from command prompt/Automic UC4, it creates an individual process DTEXEC which runs on its own. You can see that process in Task Manager. When you cancel the job from command prompt using Ctrl+C or cancel it  from Automic UC4, it sends the SIGINT (interruption) signal to…