Month: September 2005

  • Firefox – Choose User Profile

    Today I was browsing using Firefox and suddenly it got stuck. I closed the browser window and tried to open it again but I got the screen for user profile. I tried to use “default” profile but gave me error that “Firefox cannot use the profile ‘default’ because it is in use”. I created another…


  • Utility for rendering HTMLTable control containing ASP .Net form elements into string

    Many websites have some kind of contact form as shown in the following figure. User fills details and presses the “Send” button. This form takes input from the textbox, checkbox, radio button etc, builds string containing HTML and sends information as HTML email. If the form is expecting many values from user, the developer has…


  • MS Access Link Table Manager

    One of our company client was having a powerlink software which is a car junk yard management software. It was running on SQL Server. The client wanted to have some extra reports. They already had one developer who built some reports and then left. Now I had to finish the remaining job. I got SQL…