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SuiteCRM: Change Date Format in PDF Template

The default date format within SuiteCRM depends on the locale set within the application. But if you want to customize the date format available within the PDF Template, use the following code and make changes as per your need for date formatting. Warning: This change is not upgrade safe. If you upgrade SuiteCRM, you must […]

SuiteCRM Error: Inbound Email Cannot Function Without the IMAP c-client Libraries

When I migrated SuiteCRM from Windows Server to Ubuntu, I scheduled cron job but the output showed the following error. Inbound Email cannot function without the IMAP c-client libraries enabled/compiled with the PHP module. When I tried to search online, I did not get a quick answer. After understanding some technical details of the error, […]

Disable SuiteCRM Email Notification

Here is a quick way to disable SuiteCRM email notification. Please note that the following option will disable all the notifications from all the modules and not only the selective modules. This is useful when you are the only one using the CRM and don’t want to be notified. This is tested on SuiteCRM version […]

SuiteCRM – Email Module common issues and its fix

SuiteCRM Email module a really powerful module but when you try to use it, you will hit lots of roadblocks. Here are the list of common issues that I found when working with Email Module. SuiteCRM Version: 7.9.7 Importing Email Cannot import plain text email (fix available) Email Reply Does not add the header information […]