MS Access: HTML Editor control to use in forms

If you want to get HTML editor within MS Access form, there are couple of solutions available. The free solution I know is to get Not So Elegant HTML Editor. The problem with this editor is that After looking at this editor, you will never say “so cool” It is good for basic editing but… Read More »

Change MS Access application title and icon using VBA

Here is a code to change MS Access application title and icon using VBA. This code also sets the application icon as form and report default icon. Click here for list of all properties exposed by CurrentDB.Properties().

List of MS Access properties available through CurrentDB.Properties

CurrentDB.Properties is nothing but a collection. If you can iterate through a collection, you will be able to get the list of all the properties. Code to iterate through all properties is It gave me following list of properties. Name Connect Transactions Updatable CollatingOrder QueryTimeout Version RecordsAffected ReplicaID DesignMasterID Connection ANSI Query Mode Themed Form… Read More »

ADODB Command.Execute does not return error for RAISERROR

Description: I was executing a stored proc which would halt its execution using RAISERROR. When I tried to run the stored proc in Query Analyzer it worked fine and gave me error but in VBA it couldn’t halt the execution and continued to the next statement.

MS Access Pass-through query Error: Cannot execute a select query

When I tried to run an UPDATE statement from pass-through query, it throwed error “Cannot execute a select query”. This is due to that fact the property ReturnsRecords is set to True which requires the pass through query to return results. If it does not return recordset, it will throw an error. You can correct… Read More »

Microsoft Access: why qdf.execute is not showing any warning?

I had an application in which I had a code like The query was not running because of error but the application was not breaking at the time of error generation. To force the application to break/throw exception write the statement like and by this way we can catch all errors.