Drupal 7, 8: Your Server Does Not Support Installing Modules & Themes

On my Windows 10 machine, I installed Drupal 7 and 8 on IIS Server. When I wanted to install modules, it gave the following error. Error: Your server does not support installing modules and themes. This issue is related to permission only. Windows Configuration Windows 10 IIS Express PHP 7.1 (As FastCGI on IIS) Application […]

TSQL: Split String into Multiple Columns With Built-in Function

If you need to create an ad-hoc report and split the data into separate columns, you will find it difficult to search online. Online searches may yield result where you need to create a new user defined function or other tricks those are either time consuming or not possible in production environment. You are really […]

TSQL: Split Full Name into First Name and Last Name Columns

If you need to create an ad-hoc report and split full name into first name and last name, online search will suggest to create a custom user defined function. Sometimes, it is not possible to create an user defined function for single ad-hoc report because you need to follow change control process of your organization […]

Software Developer Career Day Presentation for Elementary School

Last year I participated in a Career Day at school to show what Software Developer is and what they do. I created PowerPoint to make it interesting for the 1st grade kids. Presentation ended with an interactive programming session in which kids programmed a dumb robot i.e. me to complete a task of throwing a […]

Webmin: 1 Package Available But Nothing to Update

I am using Webmin to host multiple Websites. As a best practice, I am updating the packages whenever any update is available and reported on Webmin Admin Panel. From past couple of days, Webmin reported 1 package is available for update but when I click on the link, it showed “No packages available to be […]

WordPress Multisite – Error Establishing a Database Connection

If you get the error “Error establishing a database connection” when you are moving a WordPress multisite website to a different url, this error is not related to database connection. It is related to the url stored in your database and wp-config.php file. Moving Multisite to localhost I wanted to create a test environment using […]

How to Add and Use New JSDoc Tag Using Plugin?

I am working with JSDoc 3.6.4 to document JavaScript library. I want to mark certain functions available for Pro version so I want to add a new JSDoc tag “@pro” to indicate a certain feature available in Pro version. This requires creating a new JSDoc plugin “protag”. Create a file “protag.js” and place it under […]

Bootstrap 4.4 Responsive Mega Menu Example

Bootstrap 4 does not have any example of mega menu. Documentation or other websites did not provide any example of mega menu with bootstrap. So after hours of trial and error, I came up with this solution. Extra CSS classes needed (Optional) Following class is not available in Bootstrap 4 and hence for pixel perfection […]