How to Use Phaser 3 Group With Atlas Images of Different Sizes?

Phaser 3 is a really nice HTML 5 game development framework. If you know JavaScript or Typescript, it is a really easy framework to quickly create nice HTML 5 games. This is also a solid alternative to iPhone or android game development. If you are a Web developer, you don’t want to learn a new […]

FileNet Error: HTTPS is Required

I am trying to push documents to FileNet using .Net 4.5 console application. This program is working fine on one machine but it does not work on another machine. I get the following error when I execute it: This error comes from FileNet.Api.dll. I tried to change the URL with https but it gave another […]

VB .Net – Calling a Function Calls Property Setter Method

I encountered a nasty bug (technically: design) when I was using an HTML Web control in a WinForms application. I am storing html and plain text version of text into a SQL table. This control has InnerHtml and InnerText properties. Both of these properties have getter and setter. I was calling a 3rd party dll […]

SSRS: Create Placeholder Not Available

If you want to show HTML in SSRS reports, online tutorials are available to show how to add placeholder within your SSRS reports. When I tried to follow the tutorials, no matter what I do, I could not see “Create Placeholder” option. Every tutorial was mentioning to right click on the textbox and it will […]

Digital Ocean Recovery Console Stuck in Caps Mode

I am using Digital Ocean for hosting couple of Website including .Net Core Websites. For certain maintenance, I use Digital Ocean recovery console to login to the server. One day, accidentally something went wrong and console was stuck in caps mode. Trying to type in lower case would type in upper case and typing in […]

How To Setup DKIM For Multiple Domains in Virtualmin

I am hosting multiple domains using Webmin and wanted to setup DKIM for multiple domains. If you are using DNS server from Virtualmin, it would be easy to setup DKIM because Virtualmin takes care of not only enabling the DKIM for the domain but also setting up correct DNS record. I use 3rd party DNS […]

Error Creating SSIS Package 0xC001100E In Visual Studio 2017

I had Visual Studio 2017 Professional installed. When I tried to create a new SSIS package, it threw following error. Error creating SSIS package 0xC001100E. There was no other information available. What I Tried I tried following steps but it did not help fix the problem. I verified in Visual Studio that I have SQL […]