Software Developer Career Day Presentation for Elementary School

Last year I participated in a Career Day at school to show what Software Developer is and what they do. I created PowerPoint to make it interesting for the 1st grade kids. Presentation ended with an interactive programming session in which kids programmed a dumb robot i.e. me to complete a task of throwing a […]

Webmin: 1 Package Available But Nothing to Update

I am using Webmin to host multiple Websites. As a best practice, I am updating the packages whenever any update is available and reported on Webmin Admin Panel. From past couple of days, Webmin reported 1 package is available for update but when I click on the link, it showed “No packages available to be […]

WordPress Multisite – Error Establishing a Database Connection

If you get the error “Error establishing a database connection” when you are moving a WordPress multisite website to a different url, this error is not related to database connection. It is related to the url stored in your database and wp-config.php file. Moving Multisite to localhost I wanted to create a test environment using […]

How to Add and Use New JSDoc Tag Using Plugin?

I am working with JSDoc 3.6.4 to document JavaScript library. I want to mark certain functions available for Pro version so I want to add a new JSDoc tag “@pro” to indicate a certain feature available in Pro version. This requires creating a new JSDoc plugin “protag”. Create a file “protag.js” and place it under […]

Bootstrap 4.4 Mega Menu Example

Bootstrap 4 does not have any example of mega menu. Documentation or other websites did not provide any example of mega menu with bootstrap. So after hours of trial and error, I came up with this solution. Extra CSS classes needed (Optional) Following class is not available in Bootstrap 4 and hence for pixel perfection […]


Host ASP.NET Core with Apache Using Webmin

If you are using Webmin to administer your Linux box, here are the steps to run ASP.NET Core application with Apache. Prerequisites Ubuntu 18.04 Webmin I assume that you have setup your server, Webmin and everything is up and running. Install .Net Core Here is a compilation of commands to install the .Net Core 3.1 […]

How to Install Webmin to Host Multiple Websites

I have multiple Websites and recently started using Digital Ocean to host multiple Websites. I have created Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit droplet to use following software. Web Server (Apache or Nginx) Database Server (MySQL) Email (Dovecot, Postfix) Webmail Client (RoundCube) SSL Certificate (Let’s Encrypt) 1 CPU, 1GB RAM droplet is good enough for hosting 4 […]

Reasons I Migrated From DNN Software to WordPress?

I was a DNN Software (formerly DotNetNuke) fan from past 15 years. When I created my personal Website in 2005, I used DNN Software. We could host multiple Websites on a single DNN instance was a really great idea. For hosting multiple Websites, I created domain alias which resulted in cheap hosting for couple of […]

Recommended Droplet Size For Hosting Multiple Websites

Recently I migrated my 4 Websites from shared hosting to Digital Ocean droplet. From past couple of months, I have been running 4 WordPress Websites (individual instances) and 1 .Net Core 3.0 instance along with email service on this droplet and it is working out fine. Website Usage Here is a list of need for […]