Month: February 2024

  • How to Get Snowflake Shared Data?

    Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse that is utilized by various companies to host and analyze their data. It is also very easy to share the data using Snowflake Share among multiple companies eliminating the need for file/API based data exchange. If any company has shared data with you using Snowflake Share, here are the…


  • Excel Shortcut Ctrl+D for Filling Down Stopped Working

    Excel shortcut Ctrl+D is not working

    You are an avid Excel user and familiar with all Excel shortcuts. You are a frequent user of Ctrl+D shortcut so that you can quickly fill down selection or copy the content from the cell above. Suddenly one day the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D stopped working. You thought that the key is sticky so you pressed…


  • How to Create Icon (.ico) File from Png File Using Paint.Net?

    If you are creating a new Windows application, you need to create an icon file with .ico extension. If you are using Visual Studio, it is really difficult to create icon file. Here is an easy way to create icon file from your logo png file. Prerequisites How to Install IconCur Plugin You may get…