Month: September 2018

  • Difference between .NET Standard, .NET Core and .Net Full Framework

    If you are an Object Oriented programmer, here is explanation that will help you visualize the difference between .NET Standard, .NET Core and .Net Full Framework. Even though technically not correct, it will help you understand various online articles.


  • Shopify – Free Vs Paid Theme

    If you are new to Shopify, you would ponder about free vs paid theme. What is common for Free and Paid theme Shopify platform has a limitation of what you can and cannot do with the theme. Here are the limitations for Shopify free and paid theme. You can have a nice drag and drop…


  • Shopify Roadblocks You Will Likely Hit Within a Month

    Shopify is a great platform for small business owners to quickly setup a store and start selling their product. It provides a simplified platform for anyone to sell without worrying about maintaining the Website. Alternatives are either too costly or hard to manage so small business owners are tempted to setup a store at Shopify.…