Month: November 2020

  • Convert PowerPoint Slides to Word Document Using VBA Macro

    If you have PowerPoint file with lots of slides, sometimes it is very difficult to read even if you print multiple slides on single page. Copy pasting from PowerPoint to MS Word is difficult or tedious depending on what tricks are you using. If you came across this article, you already know what I am…


  • Stretch Background Image to Cover Entire Area in Phaser 3

    If you have a background image and want to stretch it so that entire canvas area is covered, here is a sample code written in Typescript.


  • “App Not Installed” Error When Installing App on Android Device

    You have developed an Android app, built the app in Release mode and you are ready to install it. You have copied the apk on the phone, clicked on app to install and after sometime you get a message “App Not Installed”. I have developed an app in Xamarin using Visual Studio but this error…


  • Starting a New Scene is Not Working in Phaser 3

    You started working on creating a game with Phaser and added couple of scenes. So far your game is working as expected. Now you added one more scene using following code. But somehow you don’t see this scene in your game. You can only see a background. Even though you have copied the code, validated…


  • Xamarin: Android Device Not Visible in Visual Studio

    Visual Studio cannot detect android phone

    You have developed and tested your Xamarin app on android emulator. Now it is a time to test on real android device. Following advice from online resources, you would have connected your android phone/tablet to your development machine and expected your device to show up in the list in Visual Studio. If the android device…


  • Blow, Float and Pop Bubble Animation in PowerPoint

    If you are looking for bubble animation in which you want to blow the bubble, float the bubble as if it is in air and pop the bubble after sometime, here is a quick trick. Blow, float and pop effect can be achieved easily with available PowerPoint animations.