Google Adsense plugin not visible In WordPress Admin plugin list

I wanted to add a Google Adsense plugin in my wordpress blog. I installed it through my WordPress network and I can see that the plugin is available in “wp-content/plugins” folder but somehow it is not visible when go to “Network Admin” > Plugins. I checked on individual blog plugin list but it was not… Read More »

WPMU 2.6 to 2.8 upgrade errors

I am the Webmaster of Gujarati Sahitya Sarita Website. From past so many days I wanted to update this site but couldn’t get enough time to get it done. Finally I dared to upgrade this site. This site was using old codebase wpmu 2.6. Upgrade from 2.6 to 2.7 was easy. I had to do… Read More »

WordPress Comment Spam Even with Comments Disabled for Blog

I have my wordpress blog at Every day I am getting hundreds of comment spam. I had installed comment spam fight plugin and it seems like worked for few days but again I was getting spam comments. I changed the settings of blog so that only logged in user can put a comment. I… Read More »

WordPress Yearly/Monthly/Weekly Post Repeater Plugin

Post Repeater plugin is a boon when you need to repeat a single post every year/month/week of the day. You may achieve this functionality by editing timestamp manually, but using this plugin you can automate this task. This plugin is very useful when you are blogging about weekly/monthly/yearly/historical events, famous persons etc. All the posts… Read More »

WordPress Yearly Repeater Plugin

Update: This plugin is modified and created new Post Repeater Plugin which is capable of repeating the post yearly/monthly/weekly bases. Yearly Repeater plugin is a boon when you need to repeat a single post every year on a particular day. You can achieve this by editing timestamp manually every year, but using this plugin you… Read More »

WordPress Sticky Post Plugin

Sticky Post Plugin is a must have plugin in your WordPress arsenal. This plugin shows the designated post on the top of every post. There is no need to modify your current theme. Download WordPress Sticky Post Plugin Version Supported WordPress 2.1 and greater WordPress Mu 1.1 and greater Installtion Procedure 1) Download the plugin… Read More »