Category: Useful Tools

  • Facebook and Google Plus Cover Photo Template

    As Facebook and Google Plus are offering various tools for your online presence, many people are using it to showcase their talent. One of the most prominent part being a creative cover photo. If you are wondering how people are creating pixel perfect cover photo, here is an answer. You can also use the following …


  • CodAddict: A New Way to Store and Manage Your Code Bookmarks/Examples

    It was very difficult for me to remember all my code examples and mingle my code bookmark with my social bookmarks. So I came up with a solution to easily store and manage code examples online. The website name is I have come up with this name because I am a code addict. I…


  • SequoiaView: Pictorial Representation of the Drive

    Have you ever tried to find out which directory of your computer drive is eating up more space? If yes, then how did you do that? I think you would have done same way as I usually do. Right click on the folder and click “properties…” . What if you run a program and it…