Category: Drupal

  • Drupal 7, 8: Your Server Does Not Support Installing Modules & Themes

    On my Windows 10 machine, I installed Drupal 7 and 8 on IIS Server. When I wanted to install modules, it gave the following error. Error: Your server does not support installing modules and themes. This issue is related to permission only. Windows Configuration Windows 10 IIS Express PHP 7.1 (As FastCGI on IIS) Application…


  • Drupal 8 – Css/JavaScript Files not Loading for New Installation

    If you have installed Drupal 8 on Windows server and noticed the plain html website without Css/JavaScript, here is a way to fix the issue. Go to plain html website. You will still be able to navigate to the website. Look for Administration > Configuration > Performance link. Click on this link to open up…