Category: MS Powerpoint

  • Convert PowerPoint Slides to Word Document Using VBA Macro

    If you have PowerPoint file with lots of slides, sometimes it is very difficult to read even if you print multiple slides on single page. Copy pasting from PowerPoint to MS Word is difficult or tedious depending on what tricks are you using. If you came across this article, you already know what I am…


  • Blow, Float and Pop Bubble Animation in PowerPoint

    If you are looking for bubble animation in which you want to blow the bubble, float the bubble as if it is in air and pop the bubble after sometime, here is a quick trick. Blow, float and pop effect can be achieved easily with available PowerPoint animations.


  • Get a List of Fonts From PowerPoint Using Open XML SDK

    PowerPoint Get Fonts

    Here is a quick code to get a list of fonts used within the PowerPoint using Open XML SDK 2.5. This code works only when the fonts are explicitly set for any elements. Fonts set within the Slide Master or Slide Layout cannot be extracted using the code below but you need to have a…


  • 2 Ways to Add Custom Path Animation Effect Using VBA in PowerPoint 2013

    As Microsoft got rid of “Record Macro” button from PowerPoint 2013, it is extremely difficult to write a macro for PowerPoint which does what we want to do. Recently, I had a need for having an animation with custom path for a shape. I tried all possible solutions available on the internet and could not…