Month: March 2018

  • Customize Bootstrap 3 Nav Bar With Minimal CSS Code

    If you ever wanted to create a custom nav bar using Bootstrap 3.0, you would need to find out the exact css classes in order to customize per your need. Here is the minimal css snippet that I have used in one of my project to customize Bootstrap 3.0 menu. Add “navbar-custom” class to “nav”…


  • Task Scheduler The operator or administrator has refused the request

    I have a scheduled task on my Windows 10 machine and some days I observed that it did not run. Once it missed the run, it would not run forever till I manually kick off the job again. On internet, I could not find the answer so after trial and error, I found that the…


  • Move Outlook Emails of Specific Date Range to a Folder

    If you would like to move the Microsoft Outlook emails of specific date range to a specific folder, you may use the Outlook Rules feature to achieve it. You may either use the rule one time only or run this rule on a specific folder. Here is a simple tutorial in order to achieve it.