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Post Repeater plugin is a boon when you need to repeat a single post every year/month/week of the day. You may achieve this functionality by editing timestamp manually, but using this plugin you can automate this task. This plugin is very useful when you are blogging about weekly/monthly/yearly/historical events, famous persons etc. All the posts which needs to be repeated are listed on the top of your blog posts for that day.


  • Uses custom field
  • No change required in theme
  • No cron job
  • No change in original timestamp of post

Version Supported

WordPress 2.1 and greater
WordPress Mu 1.1 and greater

Installtion Procedure:

  1. Download the plugin and unzip it
  2. Put the PostRepeater.php file into your wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress Administration area and click “Activate” for Post Repeater Plugin

So easy hmmm…….

How to repeat your post?

It is even simpler than installing your plugin. Choose the post you need to repeat and open it in edit mode. This plugin uses custom field to tag the repeater post.
Here is the custom field settings
Key = REPEATON, Value = MM/DD for yearly repeat
Key = REPEATON, Value = DD for monthly repeat
Key = REPEATON, Value = Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat for weekly repeat

Custom Field Settings Example

Key = REPEATON, Value = 04/24 will repeat the post on 24th April every year.
Key = REPEATON, Value = 09 will repeat the post on 9th of every month.
Key = REPEATON, Value = Fri will repeat the post on every Friday.

Don’t forget that you must have to put two digits for date and month number.

Known Issue

If your repeating post is very latest and comes on the front page of your blog, it will be repeated. (This post will be shown as a repeating post and as a regular post)


1) I activated plugin but cannot see repeating post.
Check your wordpress version. It must be WP 2.1 or > or WPMU 1.1 or >. Check the custom field name and make sure that you spelled it correct. Check the custom field value is set to proper format MM/DD (with leading zero)

2) I would like to activate Sticky Post Plugin as well
Don’t do that mistake. It is going to throw mysql error.

3) I got weird mysql error
This plugin changes query for showing posts. It is possible that you have another plugin which also modifies the query and hence the resultant query is a junk query which MySQL is not recognizing. so now you have to deactivate any one of the plugin.

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17 thoughts on “WordPress Yearly/Monthly/Weekly Post Repeater Plugin

  1. Felix

    Still hoping for an answer. Maybe you have an idea how to make it work? 🙂

  2. Felix

    Hello Mr. Monpara,
    is there a possibility to make the plugin work with the new wordpress version? it’s exactly what i searched for but sadly it doesn’t work.
    Greets & thanks

  3. GOB

    Trying to get this to work with WP 3.5. Any suggestions? I have custom field and values entered as shown, but posts aren’t repeating…

  4. Social Betting

    We are also looking for a plugin that can handle this task, preferably one that is current and supported – does anyone have any further suggestions for a automated post repeating plugin?

  5. Lisa

    hey…the concept is great but is it still working, i tried installing this plugin but seems like it doesn’t work. Please can you tell me the version of the word press… this plugin supports and is their any updated version of this plugin.
    If this is no longer working can you suggest any other thing with the help of which we can repeat our posts on our site automatically?

  6. Ragnar

    Hmm, looks like a plugin I’m currently looking for but is it working in 2.9.2 and possibly on 3.0? Also, will it work with any kind of post-expiration plugin? Say, I want a post to go live on the 1st of each month, and go back to private or “expire” on the 20th of each month?

  7. Jorge Garcia de Bustos

    I have made a couple of tweaks to the plugin: one to make it work in WP 2.7, the other to make it play ball nicely with Lester Chan’s WP-Sticky.

    Help yourselves to the new code at http://jgbustos.pastebin.com/f7ebe1995

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