Webmin: 1 Package Available But Nothing to Update

I am using Webmin to host multiple Websites. As a best practice, I am updating the packages whenever any update is available and reported on Webmin Admin Panel.

From past couple of days, Webmin reported 1 package is available for update but when I click on the link, it showed “No packages available to be updated were found”.

What Causes This Issue?

It seems like Webmin is internally using slightly different command and/or technique to detect package updates. Hence, it reported the package update is available still it could not find any package to update.

How to Fix This Issue?

Manually detect the package to update and update it. Then Webmin will remove the message.

Commands to detect and update package

Following command shows the packages available for upgrade.

sudo apt-show-versions -u

Following command updates/upgrades all upgradeable packages.

sudo apt upgrade

Now Webmin will automatically remove the message.



6 responses to “Webmin: 1 Package Available But Nothing to Update”

  1. Trond Avatar

    I have this problem now with AlmaLinux 8.7 but i can not use this command.
    Do you now how to run this command on AlmaLinux 8.7?
    Trond André

    1. Vishal Monpara Avatar
      Vishal Monpara

      Hi Trond,

      I don’t know if APT is available in AlmaLinux or not.

      Vishal Monpara

  2. buttler Avatar

    What happens in the terminal if you sudo apt update followed by sudo apt dist-upgrade? Are additional packages installed?

    1. Vishal Monpara Avatar
      Vishal Monpara

      Hi Buttler,

      Yes. The command will install additional packages.

      Vishal Monpara

  3. Dalai Avatar


  4. Gabriel Avatar

    It works! Thank you.

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