Error Creating SSIS Package 0xC001100E In Visual Studio 2017

I had Visual Studio 2017 Professional installed. When I tried to create a new SSIS package, it threw following error.

Error creating SSIS package 0xC001100E.

There was no other information available.

What I Tried

I tried following steps but it did not help fix the problem.

  • I verified in Visual Studio that I have SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) installed.
  • Reinstalled SQL Server Data Tools on existing Visual Studio 2017.
  • Reinstalled SQL Server Data Tools as new instance in Visual Studio 2017.
  • Repair entire Visual Studio 2017 installation.
  • Add and remove some components from Visual Studio 2017 hoping that it would magically resolve this error.
  • Uninstall SQL Server Data Tools using Control Panel > Program Features and reinstalling.

How to Fix Error

Even after trying for hours, I could not get this error fixed. Finally here is what worked.

  • Uninstall Visual Studio 2017 from Control Panel
  • Uninstall SQL Server Data Tools (if not uninstalled from previous step) from Control Panel (and not from Visual Studio Components)
  • Install Visual Studio 2017 (Make sure to NOT select “Data storage and Processing” for installation)
  • Install SQL Server Data Tools and select existing Visual Studio 2017 instance. (Don’t forget to select all services as a part of installation).



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