Fixed: Virtualmin Keeps Disabling DKIM

Category: Linux Administration

I wanted to enable DKIM for the multiple websites hosted on Digital Ocean using Webmin. I am using Digital Ocean DNS server and do not use the DNS server provided with Webmin. In fact, I keep the DNS service disabled.

When I wanted to enable DKIM for emails, I went to Virual Min > Email Settings > DomainKeys Identified Mail > entered selector for DKIM record name. When I tried to enable the DKIM for domain, it seems like DKIM was enabled but if I visit the page again, it showed that DKIM is not enabled and I need to enable it.


Uninstall DKIM and reinstall using following commands.

# uninstall opendkim
apt purge opendkim opendkim-tools

# reboot machine and then execute following command to install
apt install opendkim

Once I reinstalled and tried to enable DKIM, it worked and I was able to setup DKIM for multiple domains.


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