Undefined Labels After SuiteCRM Upgrade

If you have upgraded SuiteCRM, it is possible that you may get lots of Undefined labels after the upgrade. This is not an issue with installation or upgrade. It is just a configuration issue.

This issue occurs because certain language javascript files are not loaded and hence labels are Undefined. If you check for file existence on the server, the file javascript file exists but somehow browser gets 404 File not found error.

This leads to an issue with .htaccess for Linux server and web.config for Windows server. It is possible that you have wrong RewriteBase which is causing an issue.

For me, in /config_override.php file, I had explicitly defined site_url which was used to generate RewriteBase. This was wrong when I moved the site.

$sugar_config['site_url'] = '';

So when I went to Admin > Repair > Rebuild .htaccess File, it was generating wrong RewriteBase value and hence all language javascript files were getting 404 File not found error.

Once I fixed site_url with correct url and rebuilt htaccess file, all labels showed up correctly.



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