SuiteCRM Report – Group By Months

SuiteCRM does not provide a built-in way to group by months. The main reason is the Date Format option available in Report module does not list “m” or “m-Y” and hence it is not easier to group by months. Here is a quick way to add additional formatting options.

Go to Admin > Drop Down Editor and click on “aor_format_options”.

For Item Name, enter “m” and for Display Label, enter “m”.

Click “Add” button to add item to the list and click “Save” button to save your changes.

If you try to add “m-Y” or similar option, you will get following error

Key - Must be alphanumeric, begin with a letter and contain no spaces.

But as you would notice, the existing values already have dash characters. Adding a new value with dash character causes an issue. We have a workaround. Before you work on this work around, you need to enter atleast one custom value. As soon as you add the value, the entire list will be stored in /custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php.

Now you can open this file, search for aor_format_options and modify the list as per your need.



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