SuiteCRM – Email Module common issues and its fix

SuiteCRM Email module a really powerful module but when you try to use it, you will hit lots of roadblocks. Here are the list of common issues that I found when working with Email Module.

SuiteCRM Version: 7.9.7

Importing Email

  • Cannot import plain text email (fix available)

Email Reply

  • Does not add the header information within reply which shows when who sent to whom. (fix available)
  • Does not honor “Reply-To” header if available in the email (fix available)
  • Replying body is empty (fix available)
  • Replying using the email template removes the original Subject and Body (fix available)
  • If you have email templates with attachment, it will not work as expected when replying/sending new email (tried to fix it but not working. Half baked code is available and it does not break the existing functionality. Review self.attachDocument function in EmailsComposeView.js)
  • I like the Outlook way of header information when replying instead of other email client. (enhancement available)

Above fixes does not solve the following issues

Email signature is lost when replying using the email template

Download Code

Once you download the file, you will see two folders.

  1. Emails-Old folder contains the files that comes with SuiteCRM that requires changing
  2. Emails-Fixed folder contains the file that I modified

How to apply the fix to your SuiteCRM?

  1. Backup your existing SuiteCRM Website code and database
  2. Copy all the files and folders from “Emails-Fixed” folder and paste it in your SuiteCRM_ROOT/modules/Emails folder which will overwrite your existing files with my file.
  3. If the Javascript file is cached by browser, you may force the browser to download the new file by pressing Ctrl+F5.



5 responses to “SuiteCRM – Email Module common issues and its fix”

  1. dhaval upadhyay Avatar
    dhaval upadhyay

    hi vishal sir ,

    email is coorectly setup and i can see inbox but when i send email it is not stored in sent box and i can not archvie mail .

    any fix for that .


  2. Ralf Holighaus Avatar
    Ralf Holighaus

    Hi Vishal,

    Why don’t you create a pull request on github for this?


  3. Eric Kimani Avatar
    Eric Kimani

    Thanks for your valuable input on Suite CRM

    When I click on an email I have received and click any action like repy or forward. The email then has a tick sign and when I click on it again if I want to see the contents of the email I cant. I only get the tabs for attachment, lead etc. Where does the email content disappear to?

    1. Vishal Monpara Avatar
      Vishal Monpara

      Hi Eric,

      There can be multiple issues. One issue that I remember is when the email is received as a plain text, importing that email results in error within the code and email body becomes blank. The other issue was if I click on Import or Reply, one button would work and not the other one. I don’t remember which one would work. The solution requires closer look at the source code and fix the code.

      Vishal Monpara

  4. Stephan Busch Avatar
    Stephan Busch

    hi vishal,

    i have two installations of suitecrm. the email setup went so far ok but i have a problem with the folders?

    I don’t know what it is. might be a permission problem or whatever?
    I’m woorking with 7.5 version ….

    could you help me if i send you credentials?

    it would be great !

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