SuiteCRM – Create Email Template without Fancy aka Ugly Mozaik Editor

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By default, when you want to create an Email template for your SuiteCRM and head to ALL > Email Template > Create Email Template, you will see a fancy Mozaik editor. You may drag and drop various sections in order to create a fancy email template but you will be frustrated when you want to fine tune your HTML.

SuiteCRM Mozaik options

If you want to go back to your simple visual editor where you feel you have more control, here is a simple trick to revert back.

Go to your Profile from the top right corner menu. Scroll all the way down to Email Settings section. Choose “TinyMCE” for Editor settings instead of “Mozaik” and you are done.

SuiteCRM settings to change email template to simple TinyMCE



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  1. Jawed Mojibi says:

    Great ! But in my case when I select TinyMCE option the body field disappear from email template. can you suggest what to do for that?

    1. Laban Johnson says:

      Jawed, did you find a solution to this? I have the same problem

  2. Christian says:

    Thank you very much sir, you have saved me a lots of hours searching for a solution. Now I can finally send newsletters again without getting mad. This Mozaik editor should be abandoned from SuiteCRM at all, it’s a real mess.