SequoiaView: Pictorial Representation of the Drive

By | December 20, 2005 | 1 Comment
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Have you ever tried to find out which directory of your computer drive is eating up more space? If yes, then how did you do that? I think you would have done same way as I usually do. Right click on the folder and click “properties…” . What if you run a program and it will give you pictorial representation of your hard drive within few seconds as shown in the figure?

sequoia view snap

Of course, you will be delighted as much as me. SequoiaView is a program which will give you pictorial view of your hard drive. It can even show the size of file as well as its containing directory. You can even get colored view by enabling color scheme. You can apply different filter for files to be viewed. and of course its FREE!!!

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Vishal Monpara is a full stack Solution Developer/Architect with 13 years of experience primarily using Microsoft stack. He is currently working in Retail industry and moving 1's and 0's from geographically dispersed hard disks to geographically dispersed user leveraging geographically dispersed team members.

One thought on “SequoiaView: Pictorial Representation of the Drive

  1. jimit

    is it really working??
    it runs weired for me… actually not runs… but dont know… scared…. :-O

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