Restore Missing Button and Drop Down Controls in Excel

Have you ever faced a situation where suddenly all the buttons, drop downs and various controls are missing from your Excel spreadsheet? Well, it’s not gone but it is hidden. Here is the setting to make the controls visible.

Go to File > Options > Advanced > Display options for this workbook > For objects, show: > Select All




4 responses to “Restore Missing Button and Drop Down Controls in Excel”

  1. Chris Due Avatar
    Chris Due

    wow! Saved my day!
    Never knew that that option even exists… and how it sets itself up to push my adrenaline level…

  2. Catalin Avatar

    Thank you. it saved my day!
    Due to a crash of excel (in needed to force stop-it with CTRL+ALT+DEL) i lost tab, and all buttons. Was even more desperate as also previous backups of the file were not showingnorthe tabs neither my buttons.
    How i solved, based on your suggestion:
    Checked the checkboxes you mention and observed that they were actually all “active” in my case. So just inactivated and saved the file. Then I reopened the file and activated back checkboxes. Then saved again. At the third opening all my buttons and tabs reappeared.
    Big thanks!

  3. Kingkrishhh Avatar

    It works. Thanks a lot

  4. Robin Clay Avatar
    Robin Clay

    Alas ! That didn’t work. It WAS set to All.
    So I change dit to M=None, that made no difference, so i changed it back to All – but still no buttons 🙁
    Luckily, it’s only two buttons, and the VBA routines are still there, so I can copy it to a previous generation backup.

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