PramukhIME CKEditor Plugin 4.0.0 released

I am very pleased to announce that today on the day of Maha Shivratri, I have released PramukhIME CKEditor Plugin 4.0.0 which supports CKEditor 4.x. Using this plugin user can type in 23 Indian languages (Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Meitei, Manipuri, Marathi (Devnagari and Modi), Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Santali (Ol Chiki), Sindhi, Sora, Tamil and Telugu) in CKEditor without the need of any special software. This plugin is created on the top of PramukhIME JavaScript library.

What is CKEditor

CKEditor is a very well known wysiwyg HTML editor. Using this editor, web developer can get the rich html text from the user.

What is PramukhIME?

PramukhIME is a suite of software to type in 23 Indian languages. At the time of writing, PramukhIME is available as JavaScript Library, Windows Application, Android App, TinyMCE Plugin, CKEditor Plugin and WordPress Plugin.


  • Type in 23 Indian languages with simple “The way you speak, the way you type” transliteration rules.
  • Works fully offline once loaded in browser
  • It is entirely made up of JavaScript ( + images + html files for typing help ). No server side technology is needed for typing in 23 Indian languages
  • It can work with any server side technology like .net, LAMP, Ruby on Rails, Python, SQL Server, MySQL, NoSql
  • Adding 2 lines of code in your existing CKEditor configuration will enable your CKEditor instance to allow typing in Indian languages
  • JavaScript code is highly optimized for desktop and mobile Web application

How to use this plugin?

It is assumed that you know following

  • How to customize the editor instance.
  • Multiple ways CKEditor configuration is changed

Using following two lines of code, you can enable PramukhIME in your CKEditor instance

// add following line in toolbarGroups
{ name: 'pramukhime', groups: [ 'pramukhime' ] },
// Add pramukhime plugin
extraPlugins : 'pramukhime',

How to customize this plugin?

Follow the steps given in the example file that comes with the plugin for customizing list of languages and various buttons.



6 responses to “PramukhIME CKEditor Plugin 4.0.0 released”

  1. H T Khuman Avatar
    H T Khuman

    sir i am having difficulty in typing meitei, the font is not showing when i type.

    1. Vishal Monpara Avatar
      Vishal Monpara

      Hello H T Khuman,

      You need to have Meitei font installed on your machine. Search, download and install “Noto Sans Meitei” font.

      Vishal Monpara


    I want to use ‘PramukhIME CKEditor plugin ‘ of hindi language for production environment.
    kindly suggest.

  3. Kumar Jyoti Avatar
    Kumar Jyoti

    pramukhime plugin example in ckeditor offline working but online not working

  4. Vishal Monpara Avatar
    Vishal Monpara

    Hello Akash,

    I assume that you want to add PramukhIME as a plugin but don’t want to show the language drop down, help and other buttons to the user. If so, yes, you can use PramukhIME that way as well. You need to remove the button and drop down just like you would do it for any other CKEditor plugin buttons.

    Thank you
    Vishal Monpara

  5. Akash Mistry Avatar
    Akash Mistry

    Hi Vishal,

    I hope you are doing well, I am asking you it is possible to use pramukhime plugin in ckeditor directly, I mean without using toolbar like add as normal plugin , Ex: ‘sourcedialog’, ‘mathjax’, etc.. ,


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