MS Access: HTML Editor control to use in forms

If you want to get HTML editor within MS Access form, there are couple of solutions available. The free solution I know is to get Not So Elegant HTML Editor. The problem with this editor is that

  • After looking at this editor, you will never say “so cool”
  • It is good for basic editing but many important functionality like “Table” editing is missing.

When I had to create HTML Editor within MS Access form, I asked the question to myself “Why to reinvent the wheel?” and the solution I came up with has the main benefits

  • It is completely FREE
  • When users will look at it, they will definitely say “so cooooool”.
  • Rich feature set
  • XHTML compliant code will be generated and hence output can be used anywhere.
  • Plugin based architecture can help add extra cool features
Access HTML Editor

Here is a sample of how this editor would look like

The solution is to use readily available Web based HTML Editor like CKEditor, TinyMCE and embed them into MS Access forms. You can easily communicate between the Web based HTML editor and VBA code using VBA DOM manipulation functions available for Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX Control.


Download Sample MS Access Form



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  1. Phil says:

    When I open up the Update HTML form, the box is blank. There is no HTML editor

    1. Vishal says:


      Did you open it directly from zip file? If so, please extract the contents and then try to open it again.

  2. Nickonice says:

    haha can’t type the text:

  3. Nickonice says:

    sorry, forgot to paste the text you should type under the DOCTYPE decleration:

  4. Nickonice says:

    For everyone who uses MS Access 2010, I did have the same problem and the solution is very easy.

    Edit the file ckeditor.html and put under the DOCTYPE declaration:

    That’s all, now it’s working again! The CKEditor editor is a great solution I think!

  5. mai says:

    Can I use this to Excel VBA?

  6. POL says:

    Sorry but it doesnt work…

    function SetJavascriptData(…)

    v=wbeditor.document.parentwindow.execscript(FunctionName & “()”)

    End Function

    Access Denied

  7. aki says:

    Very useful info, I’ve adapted your code for MS Excel 2007 and it works fine!

    Thank you

  8. RobbL says:

    works beautifully however…

    how are you able to print to MS Access reports and have it understand some of the many available formatting options?

    Rich Text boxes linked to the Memo fields only understand a portion of the formatting?

    Is there an active x HTML control you can use on reports that works well in conjuction?

  9. Markus says:

    Thanks for sharing. The download link is not working. 🙁

    1. Vishal says:

      Thanks for notifying. I have updated the link.