Move Outlook Emails of Specific Date Range to a Folder

If you would like to move the Microsoft Outlook emails of specific date range to a specific folder, you may use the Outlook Rules feature to achieve it. You may either use the rule one time only or run this rule on a specific folder. Here is a simple tutorial in order to achieve it.

Go to Home > Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts

Microsoft Outlook File Manage Rules

It will open up Rules and Alerts dialog. Click on “New Rule…”

Outlook Rules and Alerts Wizard

It will open up Rules Wizard. Select “Apply rule on messages I receive” and click on “Next >” button to choose conditions.

Outlook Rules Wizard

Here you will select various conditions. These are the conditions if satisfied, it will choose a specific email to be acted upon. Select “received in a specific date span”. You may also choose other conditions like an email received from a specific people or group, specific word in subject/body or a specific account if you have multiple accounts. As soon as you select the condition, the conditions are added to the bottom. click on the individual links to choose the condition values. For example, clicking on “in a specific date span” would open up a window to select the date range. After selecting, click “Next >” button to choose actions to perform on emails matching the conditions

Outlook Rules and Alerts Wizard Select Condition

Select “move it to a specified folder” action or any other action from the given list. Selected actions will be added at the bottom. Click on individual selected actions to specify values. Click “Next >” button to select exceptions

Outlook Rules and Alerts Wizard Action

If you want to add exceptions to exclude certain emails, you may do so. Select the exception condition and choose the exception values. Click “Next >” to come to the final step.

Outlook Rules and Alerts Wizard Exception

Give the name to the rule. If you want to apply this rule for every incoming email, choose “Turn on this rule”. If you want to run it only one time, unselect “Turn on this rule”. Click “Finish” button to complete the rule.

Outlook Rules and Alerts Wizard Finish

If you want to run this rule on a specific folder,  go to Home > Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts > Run Rules Now…

Outlook Rules and Alerts Wizard Run Rules

Select the rule to run, choose the folder to run the rule on and click on “Run Now” button

Outlook Rules and Alerts Wizard Run Rules Now


  1. Larry V says:

    Have you tested that this actually works? Because two of us tried it on Outlook 2016 and it did not move the messages when run manually. And since we are trying to move older messages we can’t rely on havint this rule run automatically

    1. Hi Larry,

      I had tested the steps with Outlook 2013 and it was working as expected. Based on what you said, I am ruling out the possibility that any other rules or “Stop processing further” setting might interfere. Without having Outlook 2016, it is difficult to recreate it on my side or suggest an alternative.

      Vishal Monpara

  2. Kaalee says:


    It worked fine in Outlook 2016. Thank you…

  3. Goran says:

    HI Vishal,

    Can I create a rule that will move the attachment in a local folder and not in outlook folder?


    1. Hello Goran,

      I am not aware of any way to move attachment to a local folder

      Vishal Monpara

  4. Raf says:

    Thank you for this interessting method. Is it possible to also add a Time. ex. messages recieved today before 2pm?

    1. Hi Raf,

      This is out-of-the-box functionality from Outlook so I don’t think it is possible.

      Vishal Monpara

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