How to Get the Default Login Page in DotNetNuke?

Sometimes it is possible that you have updated the login page information in DotNetNuke and after that you don’t have any way to get back this login page. Ironically, you cannot even login to change the login page. You are completely stuck. Now only one way to get back this login page is directly updating the database entry.

Login to the DotNetNuke database using SQL Server Enterprise Manager. Open the Portals table. Select the row for which you want to get back the login page. Locate the column LoginTabID. Press Ctrl+0 to enter NULL value in that column.

Now type the URL of your website and login to your DotNetNuke portal with a smile!!!



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  1. Clement C Avatar
    Clement C

    Art H is correct!!! It should be DNN_PortalLocalization
    Not Portal !
    then edit LoginTabID field to NULL.
    Reycle the app pool through IIS.
    And youre all set!!

  2. Mike Avatar

    I disabled the Log-in link and logged off – silly mistake because i couldn’t login again.

    If you go into the:’Tabs’ Table and set ‘isVisible’ to True and ‘DisableLink’ to False where the ‘TabName’ = Login that will restore the Login page.

    Btw DNN and it’s bugs are turning my hair gray…

  3. Art H Avatar
    Art H

    The table is called DNN_PortalLocalization that contains the LoginTabID field.

  4. ali Avatar

    well, you can always change the skin of the home page to the default one,
    and i mean by this that you change the .ascx file in your chosen skin folder, and replace it with the one from the default skin,
    this way you’re still with the nu skin, but you’re actually using the default one,
    and then you can make all the changes you want…

  5. Arunabh Das Avatar
    Arunabh Das

    I am not seeing LoginTabID. Please help!! – Arunabh Das

  6. Avatar


  7. Jason Avatar

    You rock!!!

  8. Trowlphaz Avatar

    I do not see the “Portals” table??

  9. bjarke Avatar

    Thanks!!!! I tried lots of stuff, but this made the trick. Do you have any ideas what causes this to happen?

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