4 ways to enable Windows XP language toolbar

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I was completely frustrated with Languge toolbar as it was enabled in some computer and not enabled in other computer. I tried many methods and after some trial and error, I found few things which might help you get your Windows Language Toolbar back. This solution is given for Windows XP user.

Method 1

Right click on the Taskbar and go to toolbars. If Language Bar option is there check it by clicking it. and you will get Language Toolbar.

Method 2

Go to Start menu > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages Tab > Text Services and Input Languages Box> Details… > Settings Tab > Preferences Box > Language Bar…
Now tick the option “Show Language bar on desktop” and you will get Language bar on your task bar.

Make sure that Start menu > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages Tab > Text Services and Input Languages Box> Details… > Advanced Tab > System Configuration Box
Make sure that Turn off advanced text service is unchecked.

Method 3

Language bar is a core component in Windows XP. When you are opening any Office XP application, this program starts running. Sometime, this program runs on startup. If you want to check if this program is running or not, to to task manager by clicking ctrl+Shirt + Esc or by right clicking on Taskbar and choosing Task Manager > Processes tab. Check if the process ctfmon.exe is running or not. If it is not running, go to Start > Run… Type ctfmon and press Enter. This will start the process and you will be able to see Language Bar.

Method 4

Go to Start > Run… type regedit. This will open up registry. Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\CTF\LangBar
Here you will see following registry keys

  1. ExtraIconsOnMinimized = 1
  2. Label = 1
  3. ShowStatus = 4
  4. Transparency= ff

Out of these four options, ShowStatus is very important and it is responsible for actually showing the Language Bar on Taskbar. If you dont have this option set to 4, set it 4, close regedit browser, kill the process ctfmon.exe if it is there and start it by following steps in Method 3.

I hope now you would have got your Language Toolbar.

Click here for Video Tutorial on How to Enable Language Toolbar in Windows



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