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By | September 25, 2005 | 5 Comments

Today I was browsing using firefox and suddently it got stuck. I closed the browser window and tried to open it again but I got the screen for user profile.

FireFox - Choose User Profile

I tried to use “default” profile but gave me error that “Firefox cannot use the profile ‘default’ because it is in use”. I created another profile and started using FF, but all my settings and bookmarks were gone. Now whenever I open FF, it was using newly created profile but did not show dialog box for choosing profile. I tried google and found the solution of the problem.

When I closed browser, the process firefox.exe in task manager was not killed but it was running. If you want to see how many profiles are existing for FF, close all FF window, and try to run the command “firefox -profilemanager” from Start > Run… and you will get the window as shown in picture. Delete all unnecessary profile and choose “default” profile. Kill the process firefox.exe from taskmanager and open FF.

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5 thoughts on “Firefox – Choose User Profile

  1. g33kp0w3r

    delete the parent.lock file and then you can open the profile FF thinks is in use.

  2. other me :D


    well, i’ve just created a second profile in firefox. the first one was default.

    now i can use only the one i created and default is not accessable:

    Firefox cannot use the profile “default” because it is in use…

    and there is no file with the name lock… firofox is also not running (it’s not in the task manager), i also did restart my pc.

    any ideas?


  3. Richie

    Thanks just saved about 2 years of bookmarks that I hadn’t backed up!

    Off I go to back up… lesson learnt!

    Thanks again

  4. just read this ;)

    other solution: just click on create new profile, remind the directory where the profiles are stored in. Look in this directory for the Default dir. . Youll find a file there named lock … just delete this one and start FF again. 🙂


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