FireFox add-on for easily typing in Indian Scripts

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Many of you are aware of Pramukh Type Pad for easily typing into 9 Indian scripts. I have also created many IndicIME plugin for TinyMCE 2.x, 3.x, FCKEditor and PramukhLib JavaScript library to easily integrate it with existing Website and enable Indian script typing for its visitor. This requires the Website to install this plugin/library onto their server. It gives benefit to the Website owner that visitor can easily type in chosen Indian script but if the visitor is avid Indian script writer, s/he has to type in Indian script somewhere else and copy/paste the writing if Website s/he visits does not contain above mentioned script. To alleviate this problem, I have created Add-On for avid Firefox user. It supports Firefox 1.5 – 3.x. You can download this add-on from Currently this add-on is under review mode so it requires user to login and then download. Click the link below if you want to download from this blog.

Download Firefox Add-On

Installation Instruction:

If you download from Mozilla add-on website, after login, click on “Add to Firefox” button and Firefox will automatically ask you to install it. Click on Install button and restart Firefox.

If you download from my blog, it is a zip file. Unzip the file on your computer. The extracted file is “pramukhtypepad_ff_25.xpi”. From Firefox, go to File Menu > Open File…. Now locate the extracted file and press “Open”. It will ask you to install it. Click on Install button and restart Firefox.

After restarting, it will add Script Menu at the top. You can choose the script you want to type in. This add-on has all the functionality that Pramukh Type Pad has. Pressing F12 will toggle the selected Indian script with English. Also at the bottom right status bar, you will your selected script. This add-on remembers the selected script and when you open up the browser next time, it will automatically select the last selected script for you.

Pramukh Type Pad Firefox Add-on

Enjoy typing in your favorite Indian language.



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  1. Dipak says:

    Great work buddy.

  2. sree says:

    Thank you for your effort Vishal.

  3. chirag shani says:

    keep it up
    good job

  4. dr.bipin doshi says:


  5. dr.bipin doshi says:

    Hi Vishal
    Great job…proud of a guju doing such nice work ..keep it up. MaY Gad Bless you

  6. karthik says:

    very useful to indians
    my openian is best among all softwares
    because it types its own language from first letter to last letter
    but google doesn’t give that support
    when we type in google it type whole word in english after give space it converts to our language
    if akshara mala we have to enable it with mouse on programms tab
    but this is very easy “f12” key

  7. Kailesh Shah says:

    I am interested in Apple Macintosh based support for Firefox, Office, Graphic Programmes like Freehand, pagemaker, Illustrator, Quark Express etc. The objective is to have the FONTs in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati with needful keyboards to be used for reading, typesetting and printing. Can you help on this objective ? If yes, please reply. Jai Swaminarayan. Thanks and Regards Kailesh Shah

  8. Vimal says:

    That’s so great of you! Thanks!

  9. Vishal says:

    Thanks for notifying me. I have updated plugin.

  10. Vimal says:

    Hey Vishal,

    Firefox 3.6 is up and the current version of your firefox add-on is not compatible with it. Can you please look through it and give us a firefox 3.6 compatible add-on? I appreciate your work!

    regards – Vimal