FileNet Error: HTTPS is Required

I am trying to push documents to FileNet using .Net 4.5 console application. This program is working fine on one machine but it does not work on another machine. I get the following error when I execute it:

A connection cannot be made to the server using the specified URI 'http://someservername:9080/wsi/FNCEWS40MTOM/'. HTTPS is required.

This error comes from FileNet.Api.dll. I tried to change the URL with https but it gave another issue.

Solution 1

Error is misleading. You need to install Web Services Enhancement 3.0 on a computer/server and the program will work fine.

Even though WSE 3.0 page says that it is for .Net 2.0 and it will work on Windows XP – Windows Server 2003 SP1, it works for application running on .Net 4.5 on Windows Server 2019.

At the time of installation, it will ask for various options. Choosing “Runtime” is good enough to fix this issue.

Solution 2

Web Services Enhancement 3.0 provides Microsoft.Web.Services3.dll. If you don’t want to install WSE 3.0 on a server, you may include this dll in your program and it will work. You need to temporarily install WSE 3.0 on any machine, go to GAC at C:\Windows\assembly on that machine and copy Microsoft.Web.Services3.dll it to your project.



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