Extended Function getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle to get Fill-In enabled Dropdown

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The function “getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle” is used by SharePoint particularly for changing form fields. But it is good enough only if you have straight forward fields. If you have enabled “Fill-in” values, it will not be able to find the correct element. Here is a extended version of this function to get the “Fill-in” enabled field.

function getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle(tagName, identifier, title)
	var len = identifier.length, colonindex, splittitle, taglen, titlelen = title.length, slen;
	var tags = document.getElementsByTagName(tagName);
	for (var i=0; i < tags.length; i++)
		var tempString = tags&#91;i&#93;.id;
		taglen = tags&#91;i&#93;.title.length;
		splittitle = tags&#91;i&#93;.title.replace(title,"");
		slen = splittitle.length;
		if(slen == taglen || (slen > 0 && splittitle.indexOf(":") == -1))
		if ((identifier == "" || tempString.indexOf(identifier) == tempString.length - len))
			return tags[i];
	return null;

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