Digital Ocean Recovery Console Stuck in Caps Mode

I am using Digital Ocean for hosting couple of Website including .Net Core Websites. For certain maintenance, I use Digital Ocean recovery console to login to the server. One day, accidentally something went wrong and console was stuck in caps mode. Trying to type in lower case would type in upper case and typing in upper case will result in lower case. Pasting would result in the same situation. It was very cumbersome particularly typing the password.

Root Cause of Caps Mode

I copy pasted HTML code and pressed enter key. From that point onward, console was stuck in caps modes.

How to Solve Caps Mode Issue

If stuck in caps mode, turn on caps lock so can type in lower case in console. You must login to the console even if you have long password with upper and lower case combination.

Then type “reset” (must be lower case) on the console and hit Enter key. Console now correctly works.



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