Commands for using standalone 7-zip to split and combine zip file

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What is standalone 7-zip?

It is a single executable that can be used to zip and unzip files without installing 7-zip on a machine.

How to get standalone 7-zip?

Visit the page and download “7-Zip Extra: standalone console version, 7z DLL, Plugin for Far Manager”

Download 7-zip standalone version

Command to create a zip and split it based on a file size?

"C:\EXE_LOCATION\7za.exe" a -v2m "" "*.xlsm"

EXE_LOCATION = Full path of 7za.exe on the computer
a = create archive(=zip)
-v2m = split the file into 2MB
“” = zip output file name
“*.xlsm” = source file name(s) to zip

Command to extract files from splitted zip files?


EXE_LOCATION = Full path of 7za.exe on the computer
MY_FOLDER = Output folder where the unzipped files will reside
ZIP_FILE_LOCATION = Location of zip file to unzip
e = extract from zip file
-o = output directory
“C:\ZIP_FILE_LOCATION\” = first part of zip file

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