CodAddict: A New Way to Store and Manage Your Code Bookmarks/Examples

Category: Useful Tools

It was very difficult for me to remember all my code examples and mingle my code bookmark with my social bookmarks. So I came up with a solution to easily store and manage code examples online. The website name is I have come up with this name because I am a code addict. I hope you will also like this website and use it to store your code bookmark and share your knowledge with whole world.

Main Features

  • Its FREE!!!
  • Access your code example from any end of the world
  • Store your code example from any end of the world
  • Dont go through a lengthy article when you need a line of code
  • Make you code example private if you want to.
  • Easily organize your code example
  • Retrive your code example very easily
  • Import/export your code examples with a single click
  • Share your code examples with the world
  • Get new ideas from other geek’s code example
  • Separate your code example bookmark from social bookmark
  • Built by a developer who knows what you need.
  • Takes about 1 minute to join.


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  1. William says:

    Is this application no longer available?