Check the Existence of COM Object Registered Using regsvr32

Category: Tricks n Techniques

I had a chance to work on project which was using a COM object. This object was registered using regsvr32. During application migration to another server, I wanted to check the if this object exists on new server or not. I don’t wanted to write VB application to just check that object so suddenly a thought came in my mind. If I write down a vbs script file, with few lines of code, I can check out quickly. Here are the instructions to do it.

For this, you need to create a file checkobject.vbs on your computer and copy/paste the following code in it.

On Error Resume Next
Dim objVariableSet objVariable = WScript.CreateObject ("Wscript.Network1")
If Err.Number <> 0 Then
    Msgbox "Object is not found", vbCritical
    Msgbox "Object found"
End If
Set objVariable = nothing

Now if you double click on that file, VB Script will be executed and appropriate message will be shown.



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