Be Careful When You Are Using Javascript parseInt() Function

By | January 5, 2006 | 10 Comments
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First of all guess the result and then get the actual answer by clicking on the button “Show Result”



In Javascript if the string starts with “0”, the string will be parsed as if it is octal number. (i.e. base 8) instead of decimal number(i.e. base 10).

So if you are parsing the string containing integer value and fear about leading zeroes, always specify the base as shown below.

parseInt("04",10); //(here 10 is the base)

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10 thoughts on “Be Careful When You Are Using Javascript parseInt() Function

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    I checked it.

  2. Psk

    Thanx man.helped me to get rid of parsing problem.Thumbs up:-)

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    Good work dude…
    Keep it up…

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    hi vishal its very nice see u r blog and its also very informative, good work dude

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    hey this was more helpful to me when I got struck up y 08 and 09 were not working.

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    Thanx..this is the first time ever that I’m posting a comment ever on any thread or forum………

    this solution saved me a ton of effort……I’ve been working on javascript now for 3-4 years but never encountered this problem so was very confused…

    It really is very helpful.

  8. raj

    Thank U even though the above line is a one line code it helped me to overcome a big problem.
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