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How to get the default login page in DotNetNuke?

Sometimes it is possible that you have updated the login page information in DotNetNuke and after that you don’t have any way to get back this login page. Ironically, you cannot even login to change the login page. You are completely stuck. Now only one way to get back this login page is directly updating […]

How to put banner on dotnetnuke portal?

Go to “Admin” > “Site Settings”Expand the node “Advanced Settings”Expand the node “Other Settings”Set the “Banner Advertising” to “Site” Now go to “Admin” > “Vendor”Add new “Vendor”Add “Banner” for the newly added vendorRemember(/copy) the “Banner Group” Add “Banner Module” to the page.Go to the “Banner Options” menuPut(/paste) the same same “Banner Group” name.and you are […]

Firefox – Choose User Profile

Today I was browsing using Firefox and suddenly it got stuck. I closed the browser window and tried to open it again but I got the screen for user profile. I tried to use “default” profile but gave me error that “Firefox cannot use the profile ‘default’ because it is in use”. I created another […]