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4 Ways to Change File Extension to Uppercase/Lowercase in Windows

Have you ever had a situation where you needed to change the file extension to uppercase/lowercase in windows? Here are quick and easy steps to accomplish this task. In order to view the file extension in Windows Explorer (aka “My Computer” aka Windows Start menu > Computer), you need to enable the settings. Go to […]

Firefox 3.5.2: How to view cookie dialog?

Today I wanted to view my cookies but I couldn’t find it when I navigated to Tools Menu > Options > Privacy. It showed me only History and Location Bar frames but previously I used to see Show Cookies button. Finally I found where it was hidden. In the History, if you choose “Custom Settings […]

WD 360 GB external harddrive copy error and solution

Last year I purchased Western Digital 360GB external USB harddrive. I tried to copy a big file but it said that I don’t have enough space on my hard disk. I wondered why it was throwing an error as I had enough space on my external drive and also computer drive (in case copy command […]

Check the existence of COM object registered using regsvr32

I had a chance to work on project which was using a COM object. This object was registered using regsvr32. During application migration to another server, I wanted to check the if this object exists on new server or not. I don’t wanted to write VB application to just check that object so suddenly a […]

Flash File (.swf) is not loading in IE, works fine in FF

I have some video tutorial uploaded on my website. I tried it on FF and it worked perfectly but when I tried on IE, I did not get anything. I checked on google and after spending much time, I found the problem. I am explaining with example. Now IE uses param movie tag to download […]

php.ini changes have no effect

Today I tried to install PHP and MySQL on my local Windows XP Pro machine. Both were working fine individually but I couldnot connect to the MySQL from PHP code. I tried to change php.ini file but no matter what I do, changes were not reflected when I tried phpinfo() function. It was showing Configuration […]

4 ways to enable Windows XP language toolbar

I was completely frustrated with Languge toolbar as it was enabled in some computer and not enabled in other computer. I tried many methods and after some trial and error, I found few things which might help you get your Windows Language Toolbar back. This solution is given for Windows XP user. Method 1 Right […]

How to export thunderbird contents and settings?

Go to c:\document and settings\username\application data\thunderbird\ Open the file profiles.ini Check the setting “Path=Profiles/xxxxxxxx.default” Now go to c:\document and settings\username\application data\thunderbird\Profiles\ and copy the folder xxxxxxxx.default for backup. Now to export this content to another computer, copy this folder to c:\document and settings\username\application data\thunderbird\Profiles\ on another computer and change the profile.ini to use this new […]