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4 Ways to Change File Extension to Uppercase/Lowercase in Windows

Have you ever had a situation where you needed to change the file extension to uppercase/lowercase in Windows? Here are quick and easy steps to accomplish this task. How to View File Extension? In order to view the file extension in Windows Explorer (aka “My Computer” aka Windows Start menu > Computer), you need to […]

Firefox 3.5.2: How to View Cookie Dialog?

Today I wanted to view my cookies but I couldn’t find it when I navigated to Tools Menu > Options > Privacy. It showed me only History and Location Bar frames but previously I used to see Show Cookies button. Finally I found where it was hidden. In the History, if you choose “Custom Settings […]

WD 360 GB External Harddrive Copy Error and Solution

Last year I purchased Western Digital 360GB external USB harddrive. I tried to copy a big file but it said that I don’t have enough space on my hard disk. I wondered why it was throwing an error as I had enough space on my external drive and also computer drive (in case copy command […]

Check the Existence of COM Object Registered Using regsvr32

I had a chance to work on project which was using a COM object. This object was registered using regsvr32. During application migration to another server, I wanted to check the if this object exists on new server or not. I don’t wanted to write VB application to just check that object so suddenly a […]

php.ini Changes Have No Effect

Today I tried to install PHP and MySQL on my local Windows XP Pro machine. Both were working fine individually but I could not connect to the MySQL from PHP code. I tried to change php.ini file but no matter what I do, changes were not reflected when I tried phpinfo() function. php.ini File Location […]