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  • ASP .Net + Oracle Example for Beginner: Get the Resultset Using SELECT Statement (and Not Stored Procedure)

    When I started working on a .Net application which uses Oracle database, I had a very simple requirement. I need to execute SELECT statement, get the resultset into the .Net and show the data in a grid view. Having a SQL Server background, I thought a quick search in google would provide me an example…


  • How to Replace VBA Code from Excel/Word

    Have you ever had a situation where you wanted to replace the existing VBA code from Excel/Word and did not want to open up each file and change it? Well, remember that Excel and Word files are nothing but a zip file. You can easily create a program to replace the file from “zip” file.…


  • .Net Application: How to Use Tokens

    Have you come across an application or library which accepts the %token{format} input and based on token and format, the application calculates the value and uses it. You might wonder how easy it is to accept the token and format for your custom application? Here is the ready made code which helps your application define…