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  • Extension Less URLs for All Web Form Pages Using 4 Lines of Code

    If you have an existing asp .net Web form application and trying to use routing to convert existing URLs to extension less friendly URLs for SEO, you would find lots of samples with MVC, but none of them will give you a way to convert existing Web form pages into extension less URLs . If…


  • SEO: 301 Redirect of Static HTML Page

    Have you ever been into a situation where you had built static pages and later you wanted to either move that page to other location or convert it into dynamic pages using .Net/php/jsp? If your server would be Linux, you would use .htaccess file to redirect it but for IIS it would be a headache.…


  • How to Enable Canonical Url for SEO in DotNetNuke 5.x?

    Recently DotNetNuke 5.x has changed much of Url rewriting. I had updated my website running on DotNetNuke 4.9 to 5.x and now I have lost all my Google rank which were depending on old URLs.  Now all new URL seems very search engine friendly but I need my Google rank back to the new URL…