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SSIS – How to Find If Attunity 32 Bits or 64 Bits Drivers Are Used

Here is a simple flowchart to find out if the Attunity 32-bit or 64-bit drivers are going to be used when executing SSIS package. Please note that the answer does not depend on the if the database engine is 32-bit or 64-bit. Are you running SSIS from Visual Studio? If yes, then check if SSIS […]


SSIS Oracle Error Solution: ORA-01406: Fetched Column Value Was Truncated

I was modifying an SSIS package in which I was fetching data from Oracle source using Attunity. The query was complex and using multiple CTEs to fetch data. As soon as I added new query in Oracle Source and remapped the columns in the destination object, everything looked good at design time but when I […]


How to Fix: “MSORA” is not recognized as a valid connection manager type

Error The connection type “MSORA” specified for connection manager “” is not recognized as a valid connection manager type. This is the most dreaded error while working with Oracle and Attunity and could not find why it would not work even after installing everything that is needed. Edit: Updated for Attunity 4.0 and 5.0 based […]


Improve Attunity Driver Performance When Extracting Millions of Rows From Oracle

If you are extracting data from Oracle, Attunity driver helps you extract it faster. But if you are extracting millions of rows from Oracle and you think it is slower than anticipated, here are few tips. These advanced tips will help you drastically improve the performance. Advanced Tips to Improve Performance Right click on Oracle […]