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  • How to Permanently Remove the Changeset From Mercurial?

    Steps Backup repository/repositories you want to modify. Enable “mq” extension. If you don’t know how to enable it, follow these steps. Open TortoiseHG Workbench Go to File > Settings > USERNAME’s Global Settings > Extensions > select “mq” > press OK button Restart TortoiseHG by closing and opening it again. Select changeset you want to…


  • Running Mercurial 2.x Web server on IIS 7.5

    I don’t understand why Mercurial does not have proper instructions on running Mercurial Web server on IIS. All the tutorials that I found on internet was referring to older version of Mercurial (1.x) and some little parts were not relevant to this new release. So here is my couple of hours of trial and errors…


  • How to Integrate BugTracker.NET 3.x and Mercurial 2.x

    Recently I had a need to integrate Mercurial and BugTracker.NET so that I can view all the bugs and changeset information at one place. On the internet I could not find a single place where I could find a comprehensive guide to integrate both the systems. After lots of trials and errors, I finally have…


  • How To: CVS to Mercurial Conversion Using ConvertExtension

    For my personal projects, I “was” using CVSNT for version control. I had an old laptop which was crashed few days ago. Fortunately, I had a backup of all the projects CVS files. I got new laptop and I had to install CVSNT but I got another shock. Now for CVSNT, I have to pay…