InfoPath: A proper way to blank out Whole Number, Date using JScript

Problem When you blank out data in InfoPath using JScript, you would probably use the following method. XDocument.DOM.selectSingleNode("my:xpath/my:node").text = ""; Above code works well when “my:node” is of data type String. If the data type is Number or Date, above code will work but on the user interface you will see an error “Only integers… Read More »

InfoPath Hyperlink Control: Show Hyperlink Based on Filtered Data

In InfoPath, Hyperlink control does not support filtering data when you select a field for repeating group. But you can definitely avert this limitation using a trick. For example, I have secondary data source “Data” as xml file with the following content < ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <settings> <setting Name="Users" Value="2"></setting> <setting Name="WebAddress" Value=""></setting> </settings>… Read More »