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  • InfoPath: A Proper Way to Blank Out Whole Number, Date Using JScript

    Problem When you blank out data in InfoPath using JScript, you would probably use the following method. Above code works well when “my:node” is of data type String. If the data type is Number or Date, above code will work but on the user interface you will see an error “Only integers allowed.” and “Only…


  • InfoPath Hyperlink Control: Show Hyperlink Based on Filtered Data

    In InfoPath, Hyperlink control does not support filtering data when you select a field for repeating group. But you can definitely avert this limitation using a trick. For example, I have secondary data source “Data” as xml file with the following content Now I want to get a hyperlink out of “Value” attribute of “Setting”…


  • Review of InfoPath Forms Functionality in Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS)

    I got some hands on experience about Business Productivity Online Suite(BPOS). Its a great tool for small companies who wants to have exchange server, office communicator, sharepoint and live meeting for their business needs. I do have experience with SharePoint and InfoPath but this assignment was quite challenging. Well, What’s the challenge? New assignment requires…