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  • Bootstrap 4.4 Responsive Mega Menu Example

    Bootstrap 4 does not have any example of mega menu. Documentation or other websites did not provide any example of mega menu with bootstrap. So after hours of trial and error, I came up with this solution. Extra CSS classes needed (Optional) Following class is not available in Bootstrap 4 and hence for pixel perfection…


  • Basic tutorial to customize Bootstrap 4

    Here is an extremely basic tutorial that will help you setup the environment to customize Bootstrap 4 for your needs on Windows machine using Node.js and npm Development Environment Windows 10Node.jsnpm This tutorial is created using Bootstrap 4.1.3 which can be downloaded from Customization Extract the zip file anywhere within your computer and you…


  • Customize Bootstrap 3 Nav Bar With Minimal CSS Code

    If you ever wanted to create a custom nav bar using Bootstrap 3.0, you would need to find out the exact css classes in order to customize per your need. Here is the minimal css snippet that I have used in one of my project to customize Bootstrap 3.0 menu. Add “navbar-custom” class to “nav”…


  • Why Bootstrap Button Click Submits Form Instead of Opening Modal Dialog?

    Bootstrap makes it easy to open the modal dialog upon the button click. HTML code and Bootstrap Javascript will automatically take care of lots of modal dialog activity behind the scene. I encountered a strange situation where the same code would work in the HTML page but not in the aspx page. The issue is,…