Thank you UnitedHealthCare for causing IRS form 1095 problem

Couple of weeks back, I got a mail from UnitedHealthCare that they need SSN for the member in order to generate IRS form 1095. There are three options to submit the SSN

  1. Online
  2. Fax
  3. Mail


I thought the quick way to submit it is online as it also serves as a immediate confirmation. I submitted and waited for 2-3 weeks and the online form was still not updating IRS form 1095 even though the another page shows the SSN. I called them and found out that the online submission does not work.


The fax line does not work.


Couple of days back, I sent mail to UnitedHealthCare and I called them today to find out if they got the mail. Representative told me that the address is wrong and I need to send it to correct address.

Well, now I have correct fax and mailing address. I will see what happens.

Thank you UnitedHealthCare for causing unnecessary issues and not correcting it even after knowing for more than a month.

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